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        • 8:00
        • 9-28

        The Art and Techniques in Photography

        ?Professor Zhang Xiaodong is the founder of Hong Kong Pictures, Ltd. and Hong Kong Dream Gallery, Ltd. His major works include: Dreams Beyond Eyes?(China Photography Press), Obsessed in Havana (Ch...

        • 14:00
        • 9-27

        Adherence to Fidelity — Study of Kelayemule Petrogram in Emin Coun...

        Lv Chunxiang is professor of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, he has conducted several research projects such as Study on the Connotation Characteristics of Gansu Tibetan God Lu Graphics (National Socia...

        • 14:30
        • 9-25

        Lecture Series of Excellent Alumni: Make Your Life More Strategic

        Liu Zengli is alumnus of School of English Education (class of 1990), he now is Director of XISU Alumni Association, Standing Deputy President of XISU Alumni Association, Xi'an Division, President ...

        • 11:00
        • 9-20

        Research Method: Literature Review, In-class Research,

        Li Xiangdong, male, is associate professor of School of Translation Studies. He has conducted 4 research projects at various level, and has published 8 articles in journals like Across Languages an...

        • 14:00
        • 9-21

        Lecture Series on Teacher Development of STS: Application for Socia...

        Dr. Huang Zhonglian, a translation theorist, and proposer of translation variation theory, and establisher of scientific translation and applied translation. He is from the sixth group of the “Hun...

        • 14:00
        • 9-20

        Japanese Culture in Garden

        Wataru Fukui is associate professor of Kyoto Prefectural University, and renowned scholar in landscape ecology, landscape architecture, and environmental science in humanity. His research interests...

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