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        XISU Holds First WITTA High-end Forum for Translation Teachers' Development and International Symposium on Translation Education

        Apr 30, 2018  |  BROWSE TIMES:  |  LOCATION:

        The first WITTA high-end forum for translation teachers' development and international symposium on translation education was successfully held at XISU, from April 27 to 29, 2018. Over 200 experts and scholars of translation education from 7 countries and regions joined the event, which  was co-hosted by World Interpreter and Translator Training Association and XISU.


        The President of XISU Prof. Wang Junzhe was presented and delivered the opening remarks. He pointed out that, in order to realize the reciprocal goals of successfully and smoothly connecting China and the world in regards to its policy-making, infrastructures, trade, capital market, and people, we not only need to better pave the “language” as the invisible road, but alsotrain more translation professionals who are good at communicating, expressing, story-telling, and caring about China and the world. President Wang hoped all participants and their affiliations shall strengthen cooperation and exchange and strive to cultivate more “story-tellers” of China and cultural “bridge builders” between China and the world, and contribute themselves for deepening the mutual understanding among nations and constructing a community of common destiny for all human beings.


        The Chairman of WITTA and  “XISU Scholar” Prof. Li Defeng mentioned in his remarks that, it's hoped that the symposium could spark more insights and visions towards translation education, and engage participants to be more passionate and energetic in the field. The Secretary General Prof. Zhao Junfeng also indicated that WITTA would make most of its advantagesin languages, cultures, and inter-disciplines to forge a world-class community for teaching and research, technological service and academic.


        Vice President of XISU Dang Zhengsheng also gave speech titled On China's MTI Degree Education. He pinpointed some issues in MTI education from the perspectives of teachers’ competency in translation and advising, students’ linguistic and practical capacity, as well as the MTI curricular. He also hoped that all participants should jointly make effort to enhance the quality of MTI education in future.


        The high-end forum was invitational and divided into 4 paralleled dialogue sessions.  Well known scholars and researchers in translation and interpreting (T&I) studies discussed and shared T&I teacher development, T&I curricular and course design, innovation of T&I pedagogies, T&I testing, and T&I education and language policies, etc. in order to explore a possible approach for T&I teachers in future.  Invited guests included Dorothy Kelly, the Vice President of University of Granada; Georges Bastin, Editor-in-Chief of SSCI and A&HCI journal Meta; Anthony Pym, former President of the European Society for Translation Studies; Prof. Lynne Bowker of the University of Ottawa; Prof. Liu Heping, the Distinguished Dean of School of Translation and Interpretation at Beijing Language and Culture University; Prof. Hu Kaibao, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Prof. Zhao Junfeng, Dean of School of Interpreting & Translation Studies at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; Prof. Li Defeng, Director of the Centre for Studies of Translation, Interpretingand Cognition at University of Macau; and Prof. and Dean of Graduate Institute of Cross-Culture Studies at Fu Jen Catholic University. Participants were immensely engaged in a deep academic atmosphere, with highly positive feedback and comprehensive topics.


        Prof. He Ying, the Dean of School of Translation Studies (STS) at XISU and Dr. Li Chaoyuan, a faculty of STS gave keynote and sub-forum speech respectively. Prof. Wang Heping, Editor-in-Chief and Prof. Sun Yi, Deputy Managing Editorof Foreign Language Education; Prof. Wu Yongzhi, Dean of School of Chinese Studies and School of Central Asia; Prof. Li Qin, Deputy Director of English Language Institute were invited and faculties from STS, School of English Studies, and School of Tourism presented at the Forum. Drs. Liang Ying and Zhao Yihui and Ms. Zeng Ashan of STS served as interpreters for the Forum.


        The next WITTA forum will be jointly hosted by School of Translation Studies at Jinan University and Centre for Studies of Translation, Interpreting and Cognition at University of Macau in 2020.


        WITTA (World Interpreter and Translator Training Association) was founded in November, 2016, with the aim to establish a global innovative platform for translation and interpreting regarding its policy-making, industrialization, education, and research. XISU is the only founding member in midwestern China. WITTA-Xi'an office was officially established at XISU in June, 2017 to promote the innovative research and practice for the co-development of T&I education and regional industrial economy in northwestern China.

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